Interview: jakeudell


What is your BitClout link?


What is your backstory?

I left my six figure paying executive job at 22 to manage female DJ’s. The only thing worse than telling my parents I was going to be a rapper was that I was going to manage female DJ’s… For a living.

The ladies had -$24 in their bank account and were washing their hair with laundry detergent because they couldn’t afford shampoo.

A year later, they had two top 40 records and one of the largest residences in Las Vegas. They went by Krewella.

From there, I started ZHU and Gallant’s careers (both Grammy nominated), and then, decided to get into technology where for the past three years I’ve been building – We connect creators – ranging from MrBeast to Gary Vaynerchuk – with their fans instantly and directly via text message.

We actually just announced we raised another $40MM from Salesforce Ventures in the Wall Street Journal. And now I am here. 🙂

When did you get into BitClout?

Three weeks ago… Exactly.

What does the future look like for BitClout?

I’m not sure yet 🙂 it’s still so new. What I do know is that the electricity in this community is on fire.

Everybody’s creativity is radiating. I really hope BitClout becomes all we hope it can be and I believe it’s up to us to take it there. Together.

What’s the current value of your holdings?

You know on those forms you fill out sometimes where they ask you how much $ you make and the last choice is like $250,000+.

Let’s just go with that. It’s the blockchain. My wallet is public if you really want to see 🙂

What coin will you never sell and why?

My own 🙂 over time, everybody else will have to earn my investment keep.

Although, @whalesharkdotpro is somebody I could never really see selling.

He brought immediate credibility to our space and did such an incredible job articulating his value proposition of his own coin’s economics… Combined with creative, entertaining content.

Investing in Whaleshark makes me feel like Warren Buffet. lol

What’s your current top pick?


Also, any incredible marketers who haven’t really taken to this platform yet… Graham Stephan, Grant Cardone, DDG, the NELK Boys, Jon Youshaei, Patrick Bet David.

Not investment advice.

I just believe once they understand the potential here, it’s going to be incredible to watch their rise.

What advice do you have for others on BitClout?

Connect. Create. Clout.

In a more detailed explanation, never forget that BitClout is not…

Anymore than Bitcoin is not and Ethereum is not

The site we are currently using is a proof of concept. It may be our home forever. But there’s also the chance many different homes will be built on this blockchain for our choosing.

I also want to encourage people who have the capacity to build to focus on the bigger picture beyond the day trading of creator coins, which is fun…

But it’s a brass ring. The gold ring will be what is built on top of BitClout. That’s what I’m most looking forward to and the projects I’m most excited to get involved with.

Are you planning anything special to grow your coin?

YES! Of course.

I wouldn’t be here without my coin holders. They believed in me early and have pushed me to the top. Without them, I am nothing on this platform.

First and foremost, I am building an extensive content creation strategy to ensure my content is valuable to the community and attracts other backers.

For current coinholders, we’re trying all sorts of things right now (the BitClout coin NFT giveaway, dinners for top holders, facetimes, etc).

I want my page to be an experiment for all sorts of different ways to reward coin holders and provide value to them.

In the next month, I may try to incorporate some form of staking in exchange for goods or services 🙂 we’ll see. If anybody has ideas, my inbox is always open.

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